Not So Blue.....

 NOT SO BLUE  I know you not I know not your face. But I know your thoughts, With anxiety, ablaze.  I haven't met your eyes Yet I see the crab creep Through the mist and shadows Of your panic stricken sleep!!  It sweeps across you and me As an unexpected typhoon. An urgent omental biopsy On a Saturday afternoon.  Your symptoms and tests say, It's less likely to be benign. O'er the weekend I ponder How close is your age to mine!  It's Monday, I've to see the tumor And aptly classify. I pick the slide from the tray Even before the DPX* could dry.  Wow, it's a sea of pink Hardly do I see any blue!!! These are granulomas With a deep sigh, I construe!  I know you not I know not your face. But I've got you a news That you'll happily embrace.  Through the barrels of light I catch a loving glance Of your sweet smile unfurl So much like Langhans**.   For readers who are not Pathologists: *DPX- co


  We walk through the Pathology lab as we are at 221B Bakers street the home of Sherlock Holmes for  want of history to come to a diagnosis. Many a time we do miss Mr. Watson in our work space to stitch  the missing link. As specimens enter and lie on our table with a smile,all we think of is a beautiful  description as we slice through as Holmes scored the leather in parallel cuts be it big or small. Description  is an art as we describe food on a platter and beverages by the side to mince and colour to lie on a plate  sorry on a slide as a beauty pageant waiting to be judged to save a million lives.All it takes is  Sherlock’s  skills,knowledge,application and attitude for us to uncover the disguised.For this we use  agents and instruments like Holmes with a microscope in hand. Elementary to excellence we find  Holmes in each one of us.We follow Holmes theory and I quote “never trust general impressions but  concentrate on details,there is nothing more deceptive than facts,when you el


  Who is a pathologist?--- In routine practice, they are Doctors  to  Doctors and Physician's Physician.- involved in diagnosis and assisting in the management of patients. The scenario has changed dramatically over the years with emergence  of newer techniques and ancillary studies like molecular pathology,  especially in oncology where targeted therapy is the most sought after tool. Pathologists are now multifaceted  with added responsibilities of lab management, financial planning, technology development, and sometimes need to counsel the patients and Doctors as well. The challenges faced mostly relate to inter lab variations in reports.- the reasons are very many.-sampling technique, methodology adopted,the type of instrument used etc..  There has been a number of studies regarding inter lab comparison and quality management. The biological reference interval and the method adopted are  important to assess the validity and authenticity of the report. For certain investigations